The Greatest Basketball Ending You’ve Never Seen

Granted, I probably like women’s basketball more than most, after spending an entire childhood watching my wildly athletic sisters play on various travel and varsity teams, but this moment should be more recognized because it is pure sports awesomeness. I actually saw it live and still consider it one of the best sports moments I’ve witnessed.

In 1994, UNC Women’s Basketball won the NCAA Championship in the most exciting way possible. Their best player, Charlotte Smith, hit a three-pointer at the buzzer, when the team was down two. If she misses, they lose, if she hits it, they win the national championship. And she fearlessly drains it like a huge, huge badass.

If it was men’s basketball, it would be the most famous play of all time, but because it is women’s, it is completely unrecognized, and I feel like it deserves some love.

Here the play:

Author: Andrew Finn

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7 thoughts on “The Greatest Basketball Ending You’ve Never Seen”

  1. Wonder why she mentions doctors first while thanking all who helped to build a winning team in just three years…


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