You, Inc – Getting Into Business

Wake up every day, consumed by “You, Inc”.

If your goal is to make the leap from labor to capital, from selling time to making money with your assets, then get into business for yourself as soon as you can. 

Don’t get into the perfect business, don’t get into your life’s work, just get into business.

Wake up every day, consumed by “You, Inc”. Have every thought process working towards your north star, building your little empire.

This journey is not about achieving your professional potential or even being happy – it is the singular goal to gain independence over your time and money. 

You can build your snowball from the smallest flake, but there needs to be something to grow from.

The biggest threat to the dream of independence isn’t picking the wrong type of business, it is procrastinating. It is never starting at all.

The earlier you start, the more time is on your side. The less money you need to live on, the more capital you deploy into opportunities with bigger upside. 

You just have to start. A business you own that is boring and unglamorous is better than no business at all. You have to start owning things, owning your time, and growing as a businessperson.

When you work at a job and you’re young, you make very few real decisions. When you own a business, you make real decisions every day and suffer/reap real consequences. 

Those reps compound rapidly, and over time you build earned, hardened judgment. You make better decisions over You, Inc, and the value builds.

People recognize that you’re “in the game”, taking risk and building. New opportunities come your way.

Over time, you leverage your labor less, and your judgment more. You allocate your time less, and your capital more. The snowball will build if you tend for it every day, but you have to start with something.

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